Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Smartphones and Mobile Phones for Apple

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Tempered glass with privacy shield for dual protection

This self-adhesive glass screen protection protects your display from unwanted viewers.

Nowadays digital devices play an increasingly important role. Every day we are accompanied by smartphones, tablets and notebooks. However, the screen and the data displayed on it are usually not protected from curious observers.

Tempered glass with a privacy protection helps to maintain this privacy, thus ensuring that all personal and sensitive data is protected the next time you use the devices in public.

Tempered glass protectors with privacy protection are self-adhesive privacy films made of glass, which protect your phone display from foreign eyes by darkening it for sideways views (anti-spy protection).

Of course, privacy glass screen protectors also have the same characteristics as standard tempered glass and offer protection against scratches and fall damage due to the hardness of 9H.