Attach Screen Protectors without Bubbles of Air

All screen protectors from protectionfilms24 are very easy to attach, if you follow certain rules. We describe you which steps you should take and what you should have an eye on with a tutorial video and a short instruction text. We’re sure you’ll be happy with the result when you attach your screen protector as follows:

Step 1: Check the fitting

First you should check, if the screen protector fits your device. Therefore place the screen protector on your display and check if the distances to the edges fit properly, especially for displays with a bulge on the edges as the screen protector is especially designed for the plain part of the screen.

Step 2: Preparations for the attachment

Find a place with as less dust as possible (e.g. bathroom). Take your device, your screen protector, a support tool (e.g. a credit card) and a microfibre cloth. Clean the display thoroughly using the microfiber cloth and remove all dust and dirt. This is the most important part for an attachment without any bubbles.

Step 3: Attachment

When using a credit card as support tool, wrap it in the microfibre cloth. Now peel the thin cover film halfway off one side of the screen protector and attach the screen protector while paying attention to any cut-outs for e.g. microphone or camera. Start at the top middle of the screen. Gently sweep the screen protector on the screen using your support tool while simultaneously removing the cover film.

Step 4: Fixing and Finish

The screen protector will adapt to the screen by itself. Now smooth out any small bubbles, starting from the center towards the edges.

If there still should be any bubbles after the application, which can not be smoothed out, just remove the film carefully and remove the dirt on your display for example with some normal sticky tape.

You would like to attach a full-cover screen protector on your curved device or a privacy filter? Here you can find our instruction how to apply the BROTECT® Flex full-cover screen protector and the upscreen® Spy Shield Filter Privacy Filter.