Antibacterial Screen Protectors for Smartphones and Mobile Phones for Apple

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Antibacterial Screen Protection

Bacteria on the display are eliminated thanks to the antibacterial technology in the surface of the screen protectors.

Smartphones and other mobile devices have established themselves as permanent companions in our everyday life. They are always up-to-date with news, provide voice and text-based communication, and offer a variety of different apps. Accordingly, the usage time increases continuously.
This intensive use of the electronic devices leads to a higher probability of traces of usage. In addition, bacteria, germs and pathogens find its way onto the device´s display through our fingers or the surfaces they come in contact with.

The increasing use of mobile devices increases the number of bacteria on the device’s displays and thus mobile devices often are a source of bacterial infections. The displays may look clean at first glance, but continually germs are spread to them. Studies show that on many displays more bacteria are found than on an average toilet seat. Through the hands or the direct skin contact of the device, these bacteria can be passed on to the face, mouth or nose, and thus be introduced into our bodies.

Antibacterial screen protectors kill these germs on the device display. They combine two important functions: the protection of the screen from scratches and the prevention of the spread of pathogens. They offer their users additional security when using their digital devices.