The market leader in professional display protection for business customers - Made in Germany.

We offer display protection products for a wide range of applications. From antibacterial products for use in hospitals to extremely scratch-resistant or anti-reflective display protection films for use in manufacturing sites. Due to our extreme large portfolio, the right display protection is available for every industry and every area of application.

Our competences - Your advantages:

  • The world's largest selection of display protection products and privacy filters with over 400,000 products for more than 40,000 devices
  • Specialist with over 20 years of experience with thousands of satisfied corporate customers
  • Premium manufacturer with production according to the highest quality standards „Made in Germany“
  • Innovative materials in various qualities at attractive business prices
  • Customer-friendly and fast service: Inquiry processing within 24h with personalized advice and 98.7% customer satisfaction
  • Partnership-based cooperation and project support

Flexible customization options:

  • Customized products according to your individual specifications
  • Retail Ready Packaging: Packaging with Euro slot punching to hang the products directly at the POS
  • Corporate Logo Printing: Design your corporate identity on our display protection films
  • Display sizes from 3 to 54 inches
  • Payment on account after credit approval
  • Worldwide delivery

Become a direct seller/ dropshipping provider

Advantages of our direct shipping programm:
  • Delivery from our warehouse without stock-keeping
  • Secure, electronic data exchange
  • Guaranteed despatch within 24 business hours after order reception
  • Direct delivery on your behalf to your customers
  • Attractive conditions for handling and products

We offer display protection products and privacy filters for the following industries:

Our widest range of products guarantees the right display protection for every industry and application.

  • Internet and information technology
  • Marketing, PR and Design
  • Consulting
  • Consumer goods and retail
  • Industry and mechanical engineering
  • Art, culture and sports
  • Architecture, construction and building trade
  • Education, training and science
  • Media and publishing
  • Tourism, catering and hospitality
  • Auditing, tax and law
  • Personnel services
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare, social services
  • Banks, banking and financial services
  • Energy, water and environment
  • Automotive and vehicle manufacturing
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Agriculture, Food
  • Food & Beverage
  • Medical Technology
  • Handicraft
  • Insurances
  • Public administration, authorities

We offer screen protectors and privacy filters for the following devices:

Smartphones and cell phones are the most obvious application areas for screen protectors and tempered glasses. The variety of electronic devices with displays, however, is a much larger one. We would like mention some of the most important entry points in our range for protection films and tempered glasses below:

  • All-in-one PCs
  • Barcode scanners
  • Data capture devices
  • Screens, monitors
  • Industrial monitors, industrial tablets
  • Cash register systems
  • Measuring devices
  • Tablets & Notebooks
  • Standard sizes
  • Smartwatches & Wristwatches
  • Smartphones & Mobile Phones
  • Touch Panel PCs
  • Blood glucose meters
  • Payment terminals
  • Digital Cameras
  • Navigation, Bicycle GPS
  • ATMs
  • Vending machines
  • Touch-screens
  • Business & Trade
  • Computer & Office

We offer display protection products for the following device brands.

We offer display protection products for over 40,000 devices. Ranging between 3 and 54 inch screen sizes, there is nothing we can´t protect! In our online store you will find, among others, protective films and tempered glasses for the following manufacturers:

Samsung, Apple, LG, Garmin, Mylife, Lenovo, Honeywell, Zebra, HP, ifm electronic, Dell, Huawei, Panasonic, Motorola, Sony, Intermec, Nokia, Microsoft, Ciclo, TomTom, Casio, enfore, Caterpillar, Ingenico, Freestyle, Coppernic, Polar, Canon, and many more.

Choose among the following features in our screen protectors and privacy filters:

Through them, our products provide just the right protection for your needs and application areas.
  • Scratch Resistance: With a strength of scratch protection from 2H up to 9H.
  • Matte/Anti-Glare: Against light reflections with an anti-reflective property and an additional anti-static property
  • Anti-Fingerprint protection
  • Antibacterial protection
  • Blue-light filters reduce about 35-60% of blue light emissions

Our assortment

In order to preserve the value of your devices and extend their lifespan, Protectionfilms24 offers a wide range of products for display protection. The product range covers the entire area of tempered glass and glass protectors. In addition, you will find protective films (screen protectors) for every occasion. Our privacy filters (anti-spy) offer you the perfect privacy protection. In addition, you will find smartphone cases and accessories for your favorite devices. No matter if you are a small & medium sized business, a large corporation, a supplier, a dropshipper, a direct seller, a direct distributor or an OEM - trust the market leader in professional screen protectors for business customers.

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