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The thin, self-adhesive screen protectors protects your device screen perfectly from scratches and dirt.

Everyone knows the problem of putting the smartphone in the pocket together with some coins or keys, where the display gets scratches. Even with the greatest caution, sooner or later there will be little scratches on the display. After extended use, even dirt or dust particles leave a noticeable damage. Screen protectors solve this problem by protecting the device from potential scratches on the display.

Screen protectors are a few millimeters thick films, which are precisely tailored to the device’s display. High quality screen protectors affect neither the touch function nor the image quality. They can be applied without bubbles and are therefore very easy to use. These high-performance screen protectors are produced in compliance with high quality standards and guarantee an optimal fit.

Screen protectors can not only protect smartphones, but also any other electronic device with a display and thus retain their functionality. Whether tablet, digital camera, smartwatch, notebook, navigation device or household appliances. Each device is worth to be protected.

However, the protection of the display is often missed out. In that case, first signs of usage appear after only a few weeks. These are reducing both the look and the value of the new device significantly. It is therefore worth applying a screen protector for all your electronic devices, since the cost is small and they ensure the value protection of your device. If the device should be sold again, the screen protector may be easily and residue-free removed and your screen will look as new.

Many screen protectors combine scratch protection with other useful features such as anti-reflection, anti-bacterial or privacy protection.