Privacy Screen Protectors for Smartphones and Mobile Phones for Huawei

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More protection for personal data in public

The self-adhesive privacy films protect displays from sideways views. Your privacy is protected from a viewing angle of 30 °.

Whether in the office, school, bus, train or airplane, we use our smartphones and laptops more and more frequently in public spaces. Privacy is often just wishful thinking, although all too often sensitive and personal data is displayed. Movements on the display automatically attract the attention of fellow travelers and colleagues, even though in most cases it is undesired attention.

With the help of display protection films with integrated privacy shield, privacy in public can be protected. The Anti-Spy technology of the privacy films offers discretion, as it darkens the screen of tablets, smartphones and other devices for outsiders from a viewing angle of 30° or more and makes it appear black. The privacy screen protector feature ensures that personal information, such as company information, family photos or chat histories, can only be seen by those who are right in front of the screen. In addition to privacy protection, privacy films offer the same screen protection as an ordinary display protection film. Scratches on the display are a thing of the past.

In addition to the self-adhesive privacy protection films, with which tablets, smartphones and the like can be optimally protected, there are also removable screen cover privacy filters, which are ideal for larger devices such as monitors and notebooks.