Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Smartphones and Mobile Phones for Huawei

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Extrem protection against scratches and fractures

Tempered glass screen protectors are made of hardened glass, which is characterized by a high resistance to breakage.

Since digital devices are touch-enabled, the display is the most sensitive part of the device. If the smartphone display breaks, not only the input, but also the display of information is disturbed. Frequently, the damage affects the entire display, where the cracks spread radially like a spider web. As a result, the entire display needs to be replaced. This costly and time-consuming replacement of the broken display glass can be prevented by the use of tempered glass screen protectors.

Tempered glass is a highly fortified glass, which shows an extreme refractiveness.
Tempered glass screen protectors are therefore characterized by a high resistance to breakage, whereby they can withstand impacts and damages to the display. This proves to be of particular advantage when the mobile device falls to the ground. The tempered glass deflects the acting forces to the sides. Therefore, glass protectors significantly reduce the risk of costly display breaks. This special type of screen protectors effectively protect sensitive screens from serious damage
But even this strong glass is not completely immune to damage. In case it breaks, the tempered glass will not crack in pieces. Due to its special characteristics, only fine cracks will run through the glass. The damage of the glass will thus not cause the risk of injury.

The screen protectors made of tempered glass are customized for different device models and therefore fit perfectly.
Full cover tempered glass screen protectors are glass protectors specially made for curved displays, which adapt and fit perfectly to the contour of the curved display.