Privacy Filters for Laptops and Ultrabooks for Lenovo

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Privacy Filter in all sizes

The privacy filters are fastened with slide mounts or adhesive strips on the screen protect your display from strangers eyes starting at a viewing angle of 30 °.

Quickly checking the e-mails, going through a presentation or looking over the latest annual reports while on the way to office, on the train or in the subway. Who does not know this situation? Doing so, our screens are indeed often exposed to unwanted readers and prying eyes. Also on business trips, public places or in close customer contact, sensitive and confidential company data is exposed to unwanted viewers.

“Visual hacking“ is omnipresent, even in the office, and is a frequently overlooked privacy issue. Spying on confidential data from screens in the worst case reveals private login information, salary data or sensitive corporate data. But as common as visual hacking may be, comparatively simple and inexpensive measures can help to prevent it and to protect confidential and private data.

Privacy filters are used to restrict the viewing range of the display. Through its advanced microlouver technology, privacy filters prevent glances from the side while giving the intended user a sharp, crystal-clear image. This ensures that only people with frontal view will see the information on the screen clearly. For lateral, unwanted viewers, the display remains black