Full Cover Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Cameras for Canon

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Full-cover tempered glass for the complete surface

Full cover glass screen protectors provide an all-round protection for curved devices.

New Smartphone and Smartwatch models use most of the surface area for the display and increasingly have a, at least slightly, curved display. This development towards full-screen displays also requires an adaptation of screen protection. 2.5D or 3D curved tempered glass offers a corresponding full coverage protection.

Due to the protection of the curvature, full cover glass screen protectors offer protection not only for the curved display, but for the entire front of the device. In other words, full edge to edge protection.

Full-cover glass protection is especially suitable for users who want a particularly strong, all-round protection made of tempered glass and who want to protect their devices in the best possible way against damage from falls and scratches.