Full Cover Screen Protectors for Cameras for Nikon

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Full-surface, full-screen screen protector

Due to their high flexibility, full cover screen protectors offer a precisely fitting protection for curved devices.

In order to increase the usable space of mobile devices, manufacturers are increasingly producing frameless edge-to-edge 3D displays. These are curved at the edges and offer not only a seamless appearance with rounded edges, but also more surface for scratching and falling damage.

Due to their high flexibility, Full Cover display protection films adapt optimally to curved devices and thus guarantee complete screen protection. The complete screen cover provides the best possible protective shield for the rounded edges of smartphones and Smartwatches. In addition, to shock absorption properties, Full Cover protective films also have a self-healing coating, which makes small scratches disappear by themselves after a short period of time.

Full cover display protection films are perfect for those who want all-round protection for their curved device.