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Transparent Phone Cases

The transparent cases absorb the shock of falls and protect your smartphone from major damage.

Smartphones are becoming more and more sensitive as technology advances. Innovative features and sensitive components require a high degree of safety and care while using the device. But even with the utmost caution, the device eventually falls to the ground or gets a scratch.

A protective case can help to mitigate and at best to avoid damage caused by external influences. A device protected with a case is less subject to threats, like falls or impacts.

Due to their characteristics and discreet look, TPU or silicone phone cases are very popular. If the device falls to the ground, the silicone case absorbs the fall due to its elasticity, thus damping the impact and avoiding major damage. Silicone Cases are flexible and antiskid. The case fits optimally to the device, it encloses the device firmly and without gaps. This is a clear advantage, as the smartphone does not move but is firmly enclosed in the case, therefore a falling out of the phone is hardly possible. Thanks to the antiskid material, the silicone case holds securely in your hand and there is less risk of the device falling down.

The silicone case protects the back of the smartphone, but not its display. Therefore, the combination with a screen protector is highly advisable to achieve a total protection for your device.