Anti-glare Screen Protectors for Cameras for Canon

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Clear view of the display - even in sunshine

The matte surface of the screen protector reduces annoying reflections on your screen.

Whether on holiday, at home or on the road, the sun is usually a welcome companion. The sun spreads a good mood and improves our vision through the bright light. The exception, however, are screens which become almost unreadable due to reflections when overly exposed to sunlight.

The easiest way to remedy this problem and still enjoy the sun is to apply a matte anti-glare film with anti-reflective technology onto the display. Due to their matt surface, these protective films have an anti-reflective effect and thus allow a clear and reflection-free view of the display. The matte screen covers also make it possible to sit on the beach during holidays with a Kindle or at home on the balcony with a phone or laptop, sunbathing and at the same time checking emails, reading or watching a movie. Thanks to the matte screen protector and its anti-reflective properties for notebooks, smartphones and the like, electronic devices can still be used even in bright sunlight.

In addition, matte screen protection films are also equipped with a special anti-fingerprint coating that repels grease and dirt and thus considerably reduces the formation of greasy fingerprints on the display. Matte protective shields for displays offer not only protection against dirt and scratches, but also the possibility of keeping a clear view when exposed to the sun.